■Outline of General Incorporated Association Kogurebito Club


General Incorporated Association Kogurebito Club is, so to speak, the fan club of whom concerned living with forest and trees in Japan such as architects, wood workers, researchers and general citizens.

Kogurebito Club was established in 2012 to aim to contribute to nurturing the sound development of forestry and preservation and protecting of forests.

We enrich our life healthy and happy through enjoying “nature-oriented trees” and hand down wonderful “Japanese wood culture” to the next generation by sharing information on forests and trees.


■Purpose of establishment


3 purposes of establishment as follows:

  1. To spread the goodness of the wonderful “Japanese wood culture” and “nature-oriented trees” to the society, cooperating with various organizations and individuals.
  2. To contribute to nurturing the sound development of forestry, foster the better environment of living with trees and preserve and protect of forests with connecting various information of whom concerned to forest and trees such as architects and wood workers.
  3. To promote the demand of timber by disseminating various information and the research on forestry and raise the interest of the society regarding “Japanese tree culture” and “nature-oriented trees”.


■The meaning of “Kogurebito”


The meaning of “Kogurebito” is a coined word meaning “to live with wood”.  Japanese word “Kogure” means the dark shade below trees that leaves are growing very thickly.

We created the word “Kogurebito” as a symbol word of the idea of living with nature, such as that trees protect people from the hot summer sunlight, wind and rain.

We hope everyone is “Kogurebito”


■Logo design of “Kogurebito Club”


The logo design inspired by “tenshotai” ( the seal-engraving style of writing Chinese characters) formalized in the era of Qin in China.

The original Chinese character has a meaning of “living” and it has a sun in the center surrounded by grass.

The logo designed “trees” and “people” surrounding the sun of the center and we put meaning into that people and trees are living together centered the sun.


The concept of the Kogurebito International Film Festival


General Incorporated Association Kogurebito Club holds annually film festival of films and pictures on the theme of “forests and trees” and ”nature and people”.  By releasing the films, we aim to make people feel more familiar with the forest and woods.

The entry theme of 2019 is “the wealth to live with trees”.

Furthermore, we aim the co-existence and co-living of nature and people through sharing films and pictures to the society and we also aim to contribute to the development of Japanese tree-related industry and tree culture.

We have been inviting works to enter on the theme of the relationship between nature and people from all over the world, such as documentaries, dramas, animation, CG, and music videos, etc. regardless the style of expression and holding contest and performing.

Since 2018, we have been releasing the limitation of the length of film works.

Although it is a film festival, we also collaborate with various other events such as music concert and seminars.